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Killer Sudokus at KrazyDad

A few readers have written to me in the last few months, requesting Killer Sudoku puzzles, so I’ve been feverishly working weekends to get some ready for the website. They are just about ready to go, and I’m ready to pass out samples.

Killer Sudokus are an interesting hybrid between the Sudoku and Kakuro puzzles currently offered here at KrazyDad. Solving them requires both the complex logical strategy used in Sudoku, in combination with all the arithmetical strategies used in Kakuros. If you have not tried them before, you will find them extremely challenging — a little slow-going at first, but very rewarding. My wife, a former Kakuro addict, is now addicted to them.

I’m providing these sample puzzles both to give you a taste, and also to double-check I haven’t made any horrible programming mistakes. You’ll find instructions printed on the puzzles.

Killer Sudoku Sampler

Killer Sudoku Collection

If you notice any problems with these puzzles, or you find the instructions unclear, be sure to let me know!

UPDATE: I’ve created a new Killer Sudoku section on the site. Currently there are three difficulty levels offered, with more difficult puzzles to come…

One Response to “Killer Sudokus at KrazyDad”

  1. loquid Says:

    these are wicked. kudoz for figuring this stuff out. i have only tried puzzle # 1 at this point (its 3am, time for bed). i was unable to figure out your ‘hints’ (better description on how to use them would be nice.) as they were so i ‘cheated’ and gave myself 10 random numbers across the board, once i got my first ‘box’ filled in it fell together easier than a normal sudoku puzzle because of the kakuro segments. at least that’s how i feel about it, your wife may feel differently ;). anyway LOVE all your variations of puzzles and the multitude of them, keep it up.