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GTA IV Acquires All Remaining Real Estate (before acquiring all remaining dollars)

Grand Theft Auto IV, released today, is being advertised with an interesting campaign that seems to be using mostly very large surfaces, such as the sides of buildings and the backgrounds of popular websites.

I couldn’t help but notice the huge image they used to take over the background on the Myspace home page. There is an even larger one over at These graphics exploit the fact that these sites use a conventional (and soon-to-be antiquated) 800 pixel wide design (a hold over from the days of 16 inch monitors), but that most modern computers, especially those used by gamers, use much higher resolutions.

I wonder how much a 1280 x 800 banner ad on the Myspace home page costs these days?

Here are links to the original graphics. If you spot any more, let me know, and I’ll include them here.

MySpace Background

Gamespot Background

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