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Bebe Barron 1925 – 2008

Bebe Barron is no longer with us. “Bebe was the last of the pioneering composers of classical studio electronic music. She was a close friend, an enthusiastic colleague, and a most gracious lady. ” writes composer and teacher Barry Schrader, to his mailing list of electro-acoustic music fans.

You can learn more about Bebe and her composing partner Louis Barron, and the ground-breaking work they did to create the music and sound effects for the film “Forbidden Planet,” over at NPR, which still carries a radio piece they ran a few years ago.

Here are some clips from the film, with their music.

“Bebe created a firm legacy in her music. If the importance of one’s work is to be judged in any regard by it’s influence, acceptance, longevity, and innovative qualities, then the score for Forbidden Planet is an enormous success. It remains the most widely known electro-acoustic music work on this planet. For me, Bebe Barron will always be the First Lady of electronic music.” — Barry Schrader

One Response to “Bebe Barron 1925 – 2008”

  1. becky Says:

    Seems to be a sad week for Electronic Music. My wife’s uncle, Trisram Cary, passed away a few days ago.