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Mandala of the day

I make these things all the time, but don’t know what to do with them….

Click here… put on some headphones, and press the ‘full screen’ button for a little trance…

2 Responses to “Mandala of the day”

  1. lneuma1 Says:

    That is absolutely bizarre, fascinating and hypnotizing. Calming, really, in a big brother, “resistance is futile” kind of way.

    As a small note of synchronicity of the universe, I had been previously surfing the olds films on the National Film Boards of Canada, and was equally fascinated by this:

    (Don’t know if the link will show) A short film animation by Robert McLaren in 1964 called Canon. It’s a series of synchronized repetitive motion animations with music in harmony. (Freaky. It even sounds similar to yours.) Done in 1964, no algorithms, no computers. Quite beautiful, also. Read his technical notes about how it was made.


  2. jbum Says:

    Norman McLaren is another animation hero of mine. I saw many of his films years ago when I was a CalArts student.