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See KrazyDad at GEL conference

I’ll be one of the presenters at next week’s GEL conference in NYC.

This is my first GEL conference and it sounds quite interesting. Each of the presenters only gets 20 minutes to speak, so we’re forced to ‘come to the nut’ pretty quickly. I’m planning on exacerbating the information-overload of the poor, addled attendees by showing about 3 years worth of material in the first 10 minutes of my slot, but I’m mainly there to present my Whitney Music Box in giant screen glory.

I’ll be demonstrating a unique interactive version of the music box in which the 400 attendees will vocally produce the sounds as I hand-crank the dots, ala variation #17. Essentially the crowd will be doing ‘the wave’ with some extra mathematics. It should be either hugely entertaining, or slightly disappointing, but on a really big scale. We’ll see.

I hope to see some of you in New York!

One Response to “See KrazyDad at GEL conference”

  1. h2o Says:

    Your presentation was great! It was hugely entertaining and educational. Much fun. Thank you.