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Who wants candy?

An interactive mosaic of candy photos by Cybele-LA, from the Candy Blog.

4 Responses to “Who wants candy?”

  1. jmolson Says:

    Marvelous. I shared this with my beginning Flash class. How did you do this? All buttons? How long did it take? That Cybele can take a sweet photo.

  2. jbum Says:

    Hi Jo,

    The basic technique I use to build these things is described here:

    (oh look at that – I need to update the CSS on that page…)

    And there’s also a faq here:

    After reading that, you will probably have a few questions about the
    flash interface. Basically, there are no buttons, and a single movieclip
    is used to display the captions. I track the mouse movement over the stage,
    and when I decide it’s time to pop up an image, I download the image, and
    overlay it on top of the background, animating it to match-move with the original
    placement in the mosaic.

  3. Meg Dunkum Says:

    I love candy and the is alot.But my favorite is gum!I would love if you got me a image that.And other candys you can find.

    Meg D.

  4. jbum Says:

    You’ll find a bunch of gum here: