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Kaleidoscope #842

A Flash-8 kaleidoscope I’ve been making today. Click to play with it (requires the Flash 8 plug-in).

The raster graphics added in Flash 8 enable larger and better performance kaleidoscopic effects than in prior versions. I’m finally able to achieve effects that formerly required graphics acceleration, such as C++/OpenGL.

I facetiously numbered this 842. Actually I’ve lost count of how many kaleidoscopes I’ve made over the years. Today I made four, but this one came out the best.

3 Responses to “Kaleidoscope #842”

  1. iancr Says:

    Wow. Very cool.


  2. lneuma1 Says:

    Wiiicked fine! That one did come out the best. Don’t give up on Quartz C tho, ok?

  3. erik Says:

    Hey Krazydead
    can you make a Iphone app of this?
    gr erik