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Puzzle Games made with Lasers is the website of Kadon Enterprises, a family owned business that builds beautiful puzzle toys to order out of acrylics and wood in their workshop in Pasadena, MD.  Most of their games consist of sets of tiles that fit together in interesting ways, such as Polyonimoes, Penrose tiles, and edge matching games using regular tilings, such as Kaliko and Dezign-8 (both shown below).

KalikotD8whiteThey also have a good collection of puzzle games for kids, including Rombix Jr, RoundDominoes, Ten-Yen, Hexnut Jr, and Bear Hugs.

Many of the puzzle games in their online catalog have interactive Flash versions, so you and your kids can try them out.

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking.  You want one of the 25-watt CO2 Synrad lasers and computer-controlled motion tables they use to make these babies. 

Yeah, me too…  Sigh…

(I originally posted this on GeekDad).

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