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Two Not Touch puzzles in the New York Times

Starting Monday April 20th, 2020, Krazydad puzzles will appear in The New York Times, where they are being published in the print edition as Two Not Touch. This is part of a larger effort to expand the puzzle offerings in the Times to a full half-page, a much-needed resource in these challenging times.

I have been publishing this puzzle (which comes from the Netherlands) under the name Star Battle for several years. You’ll find many more of them, in 1-Star, 2-Star and 3-Star varieties, on the Printable Star Battle page. I also carry Interactive Star Battle puzzles which work nicely on phones, tablets, and computers alike. Warning: These puzzles are very addictive!

If you are new to this type of puzzle, you may find my introductory tutorial helpful.

If you can already solve the easiest ones, but are struggling with harder puzzles, check out my intermediate tutorial, and advanced tutorial.

The Times will be publishing an easy puzzle and a medium-difficulty puzzle every day from Monday through Saturday. These correspond roughly to book numbers 1-35 in my collections, which increase in difficulty from book #1 to book #100. Higher book numbers contain significantly more challenging puzzles than the ones in the paper, which might be just what you’re looking for.

Enjoy the puzzles!

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