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The Alexa Game

The Alexa Game is a multiplayer game I made up in which the object is to correctly predict whether Alexa (or Siri or Google) can answer a question.


Players take turns being the Interrogator.

The Interrogator comes up with a question to ask Alexa, and makes a prediction as to whether Alexa will answer it correctly or not. The question should be written down so it can be repeated exactly.

The prediction is recorded, but not revealed to the other players until they have made their predictions.

The Interrogator reads his Alexa question to the other players without saying “Alexa”, so they can also predict the outcome.

Note: Anyone who says “Alexa”, except when directly addressing her, is deducted a point or must take a drink, or whatever.

Everyone writes down their prediction. At this point, all predictions may be shared.

Then the Interrogator says “Alexa…” and asks the question exactly as originally phrased. The players should decide whether Alexa’s response is correct. In general incorrect answers are ones where Alexa clearly misunderstood the meaning of the question, or bailed on answering it. It’s okay if Alexa reads from Wikipedia, if the reading contains the answer.

If the Interrogator guessed correctly, he gets a point for everyone who guessed incorrectly.

If the Interrogator guessed incorrectly, everyone who guessed correctly gets a point.

Note: If everyone’s prediction is in agreement, nobody will score. In this case you may optionally ask Alexa and award a point to Alexa if she defies everyone’s expectations.

The first person to reach 42 points wins.

My wife finds my scoring system too complex. She’s right. Her suggestion (which also helps prevents cheating) is to not have the Interrogator make a prediction. The Interrogator just forms the question and judges the predictions of everyone else. You score if you predict right, and the Interrogator doesn’t score that turn.

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