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Whitney Music Box on Reddit

My Whitney Music Box made the front page of Reddit today, and is being picked up by a few other sites. Here are some blog entries I wrote about it, back when I was working on it:

Visual Harmony

A φ Fractal

Dan Piker’s Whitney Variations

HensTooth Discs

Whitney Music Box simulation

Also check out a more recent piece: Wheel of Stars, while you’re at it.

One Response to “Whitney Music Box on Reddit”

  1. Alex Nino (yoambulante) Says:

    yeah, I just arrived here in your page by chance, a I saw your music box link in another page (don’t remember where) with no sound and then I heard the blin, blin, blin… blon, blon, blin, blon, blun… here! it is quite cool. I did liked it cheers!