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The Alphabet, according to Google Search Suggestions

A is for Amazon
B is for Best Buy
C is for Craigslist
D is for Dictionary
E is for EBay
F is for Facebook
G is for Gmail
H is for Hotmail
I is for IKEA
J is for Jet Blue
K is for Kohls
L is for Lowes
M is for MapQuest
N is for Netflix
O is for Orbitz
P is for Pandora
Q is for Quotes
R is for REI
S is for Sears
T is for Target
U is for USPS
V is for Verizon
W is for Weather
X is for Xbox
Y is for Yahoo
Z is for Zillow

These are supposedly personalized for me, but feel quite impersonal. How does your list differ?

16 Responses to “The Alphabet, according to Google Search Suggestions”

  1. Kevin Says:

    K is for KATU (local Portland TV station)
    M is for MySpace (ew!)
    O is for Oregon DMV (actually useful)
    S is for Skype
    Y is for YouTube

    So a little bit of personalization based on my location.

  2. Chris Says:


    b = Bank of America
    d = DC Metro
    k = Kings Dominion (Virginia Amusement park)

    Not that I use any of these, but even though I am logged into my account during the searches the IP I search from is used by 10s of thousands of others with a heavy DC bias, so that is probably where they come from.

  3. Joe Crawford Says:

    My list is completely different, and completely generic. Odd.

    A is for alibi
    B is for beer
    C is for cookie
    D is for doggy
    E is for extinction
    F is for fake
    G is for googol
    H is for home
    I is for innocent
    J is for jesus
    K is for killer
    L is for the way you look at me
    M is for mystery
    N is for navy
    O is for outlaw
    P is for party
    Q is for quarry
    R is for roxy
    S is for silence
    T is for trespass
    U is for undertow
    V is for vendetta
    W is for work
    X is for eyes
    Y is for yearbook
    Z is for zachariah

  4. Rich Says:

    I saw someone – Ihnatko maybe – say that “Great! ‘W’ is now a shortcut for your local weather!” and I immediately plugged in a ‘W.’

    Nope. W is for Wal-Mart, y’all.

  5. jbum Says:

    Joe: Your list also appears to have been co-authored by Sue Grafton!

    Oh, I get it – you were typing “A is for” instead of just “A”.

    Also, I did these with the new “Instant” feature turned on, although the suggestions appear to be identical either way.

    – Jim

  6. Blaine Says:

    The same except for:

    J is for Jobs
    R is for Redbox
    S is for Skype
    U is for UPS
    Z is for Zappos

  7. Blaine Says:


    0 is for 007
    1 is for 106.5
    2 is for 24
    3 is for 3ds
    4 is for 411
    5 is for 50 cent
    6 is for 60 minutes
    7 is for 7zip
    8 is for 84 lumber
    9 is for 96.1

  8. John Says:

    Mine are identical to yours, jbum. One of us is obviously a doppelganger.

  9. Leigh Says:

    Same except for:

    A is for Air Canada
    B is for BMO
    C is for Canadian Tire
    J is for Job Bank
    K is for Kijiji
    L is for Lotto Max
    M is for Mapquest
    N is for NHL
    O is for OSAP
    P is for PayPal
    R is for Rogers
    S is for Skype
    T is for TSN
    U is for UFC
    V is for Via Rail
    W is for Walmart
    Y is for You Tube
    Z is for Zellers

  10. Ian Says:

    I got mainly big UK retailers, eg.
    A for Argos
    C for Currys
    but it was nice to see a bit of personalisation
    Y for Yacapaca
    – my own startup!

    Brilliant game to start my morning – thanks!

  11. Alex Nino (yoambulante) Says:

    Oh my goodness, it comes with the whole UK market in mass…

    A is for Argos
    B is for BBC
    C is for Currys
    D is for Debenhams
    E is for Easyjet (airline)

    It is really interesting, how all the search engines, advertising, spam messages, etc… are totally adapted to the place where you are. For example, when I used to live in Costa Rica I constantly received emails and advertising about trips to the jungle, rafting, tours, etc… when I moved to Brazil it was always things related with shows, concerts, parties, blah, blah… now I’m living in UK and I constantly receive things like penis enlargement, vitamins, crazy food supplements. I’m just wondering how is it in places (no-capitalism) with democracy reduced like North Korea, Cuba, China, Russia, “Nuestro amigo, chamo hugo chavez” Venezuela, etc… crazy!

  12. Selina Says:

    Mine are the same, except for:
    B is for Bank of America
    J is for John L Scott (local real esate agency)
    K is for King 5 (local news channel)
    M is for MSN
    Q is for QFC (local grocery store)
    S is for Seattle Times (local newspaper)

    Pretty cool!!

  13. andreas f. Says:

    definitely not from the UK but from .de, i get these deviations:

    John Lewis (never even knew they existed)
    kijiji (?)

    well, at least they got the continent right.
    [must admit, though, that my browser language preferences are set to english]

  14. Aussi Fred Says:

    Pages from Australia:

    A is for ANZACs
    B is for Bully Beef
    C is for collection
    D is for dingo
    e is for english
    F is for Friendship
    G is for Gallipoli
    H is for Home-Front
    I is for Ice
    J is for Jesus Album
    K is for Kit
    L is for Letters Home
    M is for Mates
    N is for Numbat
    O is for Otto
    P is for Poppy
    Q is for Quokka
    R is for Rising Sun
    S is for Simpson
    T is for Ten Thousand Steps
    U is for Uniforms
    V is for Villers Brettoneaux
    W is for War Memorials
    X is for Xenyl Chloride
    Y is for Yellow Wattlebird
    Z is for Zimmerman

    Wow. I’m amazed. Very strong leaning to military (WW1 especially) and Aussi flora/fauna. I’ll try New Zealand.

  15. Aussi Fred Says:

    New Zealand results:

    A is for Atom
    B is for Billion
    C Is For Cookie
    D Is for Deadbeat
    E is for emotion
    F for Fake
    G is for googol
    H is for Home Harbinger
    I Is for Innocent
    J Is for Jackson 5
    K is for Kitty Litter
    L is for Ladybug
    M is for Money
    N is for Newspaper
    O is for ownership
    P is for Party
    Q is for Q-Tips
    R is for Rocket
    S is for Silence
    T Is For Terror
    U is for Undertow
    V for Vendetta
    W Is For Wendy
    X Is For Xena
    Y is for Yearbook
    Z is for Zombie

    Certainly different.

  16. Aussi Fred Says:

    Result for Movies/TV

    A Is for Autism
    E Is for English
    H Is for House
    K Is for Krazy
    M Is for Man, Music, Mozart
    P Is for Papaya
    S Is for Sexy
    T Is for Tumbleweed
    V Is for Violet
    Z Is for Xanax

    The Google Alphabet search gave: First ever ‘Google alphabet’ formed using satellite images.