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Talking Piano

Ever heard a piano talk? This is why I love automatic instruments!

Thanks to Patrick Woodward for sending this to me.

4 Responses to “Talking Piano”

  1. Craig S. Kaplan Says:

    Best. Vocoder. Ever.

    Wouldn’t a grand piano’s action be better suited to this kind of rapid-fire keying?

  2. jbum Says:

    I imagine cost & availability were factors…

    There’s a charming remotely controlled “ghost” piano at the Magic Castle named Cleo, which interacts with the patrons at the bar by playing various musical quotes. It would be cool if Cleo could also talk!

  3. Gozer Says:

    Very neat, but without seeing the words, I didn’t understand any of it. I figured some was in German, but whenever I peeked, it showed English words (immediately allowing me to match the sound to my newfound expectation).

  4. DavidS Says:

    Wow – (as a pianist) that is about the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen!