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Quirk – a Bendable Pencil

Denise Bagley from recently sent me a sample of their Quirk Bendable Pencil, thinking it would be of interest to the puzzle solvers who visit this website.

I generally solve puzzles with a pen. However my wife, Janet, used it for a few weeks, and submitted the following review:

Comfortstylus is a fancy name for a cute little pencil that you wear on your fingertip. It has about the same heft to it as a Q-tip and is even more bendable. The comfortstylus got my attention the moment I saw it. Actually it came in the mail for my husband but I opened it not knowing what it was. I immediately started to play with it to find out.

It was fun getting it to cling to my finger in the precise way that I wanted it. And once attached, you can wave your hands around or whatever and it doesn’t fall off. You almost forget you have it on. The comfortstylus uses and stays eternally sharp–no more sharpening needed! Use it to do your Sudoku puzzles if nothing else. (My favorites are still Killer Sudoku and Kakuro puzzles.)


1. No eraser! Perhaps other models have them, but mine did not. Unlike my puzzle-genius husband, I never do puzzles in pen because I need to be able to erase.

2. Easy to lose. Tip: Always place it somewhere safe before your mother comes to visit. Yes, I learned this the hard way.

To sum up: It’s a fun alternative to your hum-drum pencil, but don’t get rid of your no. 2’s.

NOTE: Looking at the website, it appears that is not currently selling the Quirk, but a similar product that doesn’t include the graphite tip. I imagine if you contact Denise, she can help you obtain a Quirk of your very own.

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