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Vote for Topspin!

My employer, Topspin, has been nominated for a Crunchie award for “Best New Startup of 2008.”

I will personally vouch for us: Among all the Crunchie nominees, Topspin is indeed the best new startup of 2008! Okay, seriously, I don’t know a heck of a lot about the other nominees, who I imagine are very fine startups indeed. I do know that Topspin is an amazing company, and that all Topspin employees are crazy-brilliant people, like me, and that we are going to rock your world in 2009.

Want to learn more about Topspin? You can start by reading CEO Ian Rogers’ inspiring keynote address from the Grammy Music Tech Summit a few weeks ago:

And if you feel compelled, please come vote for us here:

Thanks for your vote!

Now, enjoy this lovely video:

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