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Slitherlink Puzzles are Here!

Slitherlink is an addictive logic puzzle that was first published by Nikoli in Japan. The puzzle consists of a grid of dots, with some clue cells containing numbers. You connect horizontally or vertically adjacent dots to form a meandering path that forms a single loop or “Slitherlink.” The loop must not have any branches and must not cross itself. The clue numbers indicate how many lines surround the cell. Empty cells may be surrounded by any number of lines (from 0 to 3).

Now you can find hundreds of free Slitherlink puzzles on my puzzle pages.

If you’re looking for some tactics to help you get started solving these, check out this wikipedia tutorial.


Thanks to Simon Tatham and Mike Pinna, whose source code I tweaked to generate these puzzles.

One Response to “Slitherlink Puzzles are Here!”

  1. donna311 Says:

    Thank you sooooooo much for these puzzles!!!! I am sooo addicted. I do these at work all day. I don’t think I could keep my sanity without them.