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Dear Bees, Thanks for the Quince

more quince…and thanks to Sherrie Graham, whose quince blossoms adorn the top of my blog this spring.

You know, it’s funny how these little seasonal adornments work. I get an idea in my head that I want a little seasoning; a little sumpin-sumpin up there, and thinking there must be a million of ’em, I go to the usual places to hunt for clip art to stealslap on there, and nothing is quite right – no bare branch with a blossom is exactly like the perfect bare branch with a blossom that I have a model of spinning around in my head.

But then I went over to flickr, and searched for “branch closeup blossom” and there it was, staring me in the face! Serendipity…

While I’m on the subject of seasons, I just learned that in the US, honey bees have some kind of horrible AIDS-like disease that kills entire colonies. You know what bees are, right? Those little critters that are usually inside of those beautiful blossoms, fertilizing the plant so it can make things like, oh, apples. I’m trying to imagine a life without apples. Even scarier is the thought of life without bees. How many countless other things are dependent on them, directly and indirectly?

Feel bad yet? Sherrie has a lot of other pretty photographs. Check ’em out!

One Response to “Dear Bees, Thanks for the Quince”

  1. AprilMayborninJune Says:

    I didn’t know about the bees being sickly here. It figures – I love the honey bees, we have them all around our house because there are so many flowers. If you’d like a bare branch with blossom AND a bee, I have a couple of those. Peach blossoms, that is. Not uploaded to flickr, yet though.