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Time travel by telephone

Daylight savings, whose ostensible purpose is to save energy, is an incredible annoyance to those of us in the US, and the recent changes in the system only make things worse.

If you want to find a computer that hasn’t been fixed to compensate for the three week difference in DST this year, try calling the time. Our local service, 818-853-1212, is currently providing times that are an hour in the past. I suppose this is evidence of the diminishing powers of the phone company, whose heyday was also in the past.

Feel free to use this as an excuse to be late for work tomorrow.

One Response to “Time travel by telephone”

  1. AprilMayborninJune Says:

    They started it 3 weeks early just to jack with our heads, I think. That’s why the computers didn’t catch up yet. It’s a conspiracy! Even the computers are late, lol