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Food Stuffs

One of the following five foods is different than the others.

A) Grape Nuts
B) Egg Salad
C) Eggplant
D) Egg Cream
E) Eggroll

Which is it?

The answer is given below, in the inviso-text.

The answer is “any of the above.” Here’s why:

A) The only one which does not contain the word egg.
B) The only one which contains the food in its name (grape or eggs).
C) The only one which is not a mixture of ingredients (and occurs naturally).
D) The only fluid.
E) The only one which I can’t easily separate from the others. I’m sure
you can come up with something better.

One Response to “Food Stuffs”

  1. masterbunny Says:

    it’s an american chinese appetizer, although the chinese have been known
    to grab a bowl of grapenuts occasionally.