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Ten Reasons to Visit the Brand Library

I live near one of the coolest public libraries in Los Angeles, Glendale’s Brand Library and Art Center.

Here are a 10 good reasons why you should go.

1. The library sits at the the top of Western Ave in a beautiful park overlooking the valley. Excellent for picnic lunches.

2. The library specializes in music and art.

3. There is not a single book about accounting, insurance, or how to file your taxes.

4. There are no novels by Tom Clancy or Dan Brown.

5. There are books like Peepshows: A Visual History, and the Encyclopedia of Automatic Musical Instruments that cost much more on Amazon, or are shamefully out of print.

6. The library is full of cute geeks (and cute geeky librarians) who are interested in music and art. Wink wink, nudge nudge.

7. The library is in an eccentric Saracenic mansion, named El Miradero, that was built in 1904.

8. The mansion has its very own ghost.

9. If you go on a Saturday, you have a pretty good chance of running into a Glendale wedding party and seeing 10 or 20 Armenian bridesmaids wearing poofy dresses.

10. If you meet your future geeky wife or husband at the Brand, you can get married there, and have a very romantic story to tell your geeky kids.

Bride at Brand Library

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