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Krazy Kakuro Puzzles

If you like my sudoku puzzles, you’re gonna like my new kakuro puzzles. Also called Cross Sums, these puzzles are like a cross
between a Sudoku and a crossword puzzle. I’ve been working on some software that generates these puzzles, and have published a set of them here at Krazydad. Each file contains 20 puzzles, and instructions.

You may notice that my Kakuro puzzles don’t look like standard issue kakuro puzzles, this
is because I’ve come up with a way to print them that preserves their symmetry. I think they look far more attractive this way, and I hope you’ll agree.

2 Responses to “Krazy Kakuro Puzzles”

  1. pat martin Says:

    Samples were given me by a friend and I would like some more.

  2. jbum Says:

    You’ll find more Krazy Kakuro right here in the puzzles section.