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Phyllotaxy ‘R’ Us

Phyllotaxy Poster, 72dpi

My phyllotaxy poster has been showing up in some unusual places, other than the sides of refrigerators. Not too long ago, it showed up as part of this amusing keynote presentation by Dick Hardt, for the O’Reilly Open Source conference. Dick was talking about new web technologies, and used an early image of the poster as an example of the activities enabled by web 2.0 technologies like Flickr.

Plus, I get letters…

Dear Jim,
I just got the posters I ordered last week:  They're really
gorgeous!  (And they arrived here in Germany much sooner
than I anticipated.) Thank you very much!

Just so you know... I got'em and they're beautiful!  great
job.  Thanks so much for all the hard work.

Thanks so much for your quick mailing of the posters! They
are wonderful! Very nice quality! How many have you sold?
It just blows my mind that these are getting sent all
around the world!
Thanks again Jim! You are awesome!

That’s right. Someone named Debbie thinks I’m awesome. You heard it here first.

The poster is also going to be featured in the upcoming O’Reilly book “Flickr Hacks,” by Paul Bausch and yours truly. In this book, we’ll reveal all the deep dark secrets about using Flickr to make mosaic posters, color pickers, randomized desktops, screensavers and other fun stuff.

You want a poster? I still have a few left.

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