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Bum Chex

Bum Chex

I grew up in the 1970s, and was an avid reader of Mad magazine. I also liked to collect these bubble-gum stickers called “Wacky Packages,” — MAD-style parodies of commercial products of the era that were painted by talented uncredited artists (including Art Spiegelman, I later learned).

My last name is “Bumgardner,” and because of the particular Wacky Package shown on the right (no, my right), my friends took to calling me “Bum Chex” for a few months.

Oh yeah. Those were good times…

Anyway, here’s a Wacky Packages coverpop that I made, for those of you in search of your elusive Bum Chex. The images were provided by Greg Grant, who has a wonderful Wacky Packages archive.

Lots of other new additions as well. Be sure to try the new “Make this a puzzle” button on the right side of each coverpop.


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