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More CoverPops

The VISCO SF Cover Explorer was quite a hit this week, making a number of large blogs, including BoingBoing, UserFriendly and MetaFilter.

Now, I’ve gone and made a few more of these things, which I’m calling CoverPops.

Here are the 1,001 best selling graphic novels from Amazon.

Here’s Doug Gilford’s entire collection of MAD magazine covers.

Here are some mystery, horror, and science fiction books.

More are on the way.


3 Responses to “More CoverPops”

  1. jonpugh Says:

    One improvement to the cover display scheme that I would recommend is to have the cover pop up alongside the cursor, leaving the miniature magazine visible with the cursor over it. As it is, the cover pops up right under the cursor, making you move the cursor to see details, and causing a different cover to pop up.

    I like the technique, although being able to winnow the set of covers displayed would also be very useful, as the icons are pretty darn small with all magazines included. Given that you are building different versions of these, that implies you don’t have access to that level of dynamic construction.

    Nice work though. Thanks for making your work available.

  2. jbum Says:

    I agree with your suggestions. I’m thinking of hiding the cursor while the thumbs are popped out…

  3. baby metropolis Says:

    Thanks for the fun site. Loved the different uses of Flash and Sudoku tips!