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A Panoply of Puzzle Books

In the past month I’ve published four puzzle books, you can read about them here.

It is no secret that the puzzles in my books are produced using computer software that I write. I’ve been writing such software for nearly twenty years. I’ve spent a lot of time working on that software, and I’m proud of the high quality puzzles it produces.

What is new this month, is that my most recent book, A Panoply of Puzzles, is illustrated. The chapter introductions make use of a dozen pen and ink illustrations of hedgehogs, not to mention the front cover. And the illustrations were, in fact, also generated with the aid of a computer. I used a service called Midjourney, which, if I may say so, did an excellent job with the illustrations!

If you can imagine it, and if Midjourney has seen enough of it, then it can do a pretty creditable job of drawing it, in a variety of styles. I’m kind of partial to classic pen & ink style illustration, so that’s what I used. I’ve found that Midjourney has seen a LOT of hedgehogs, not to mention kittens and violins.

Sadly, Midjourney has not seen enough hurdy-gurdies (one of my other interests) so I can’t use it to illustrate any forthcoming hurdy-gurdy books. But hedgehogs? Wow! can I make a lot of hedgehogs!

Like a kitten with wings, I am very happy with these new super powers, and I look forward to including more illustrations in my future books!

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