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Diabolical Two Not Touch

Regular CoverDiabolical Cover

Diabolical Two Not Touch is the latest addition to my Star Battle puzzle offerings on Amazon.

My original Two Not Touch book series contains puzzles which start at the same difficulty as my puzzles in The New York Times and then get increasingly more difficult. The three new diabolical books start where the previous books leave off, and continue raising the difficulty considerably higher.

Note that all of the puzzles in my Star Battle books can be solved without resorting to trial and error. This is not necessarily true of the free Star Battle puzzles published on my website, particular in the books numbered from 50 through 100. I originally included many puzzles I can not personally solve without trial and error as a way for me and others to help identify new solving strategies. Because of this, I find that many people start to really struggle around book # 45. In my new books, you will struggle, but you should never have to resort to guesswork. If a particular puzzle is stumping you, send me a snapshot showing your work in progress, and I’ll be happy to help you out.

These are challenging times we are living in, and I hope that these puzzles can provide you a healthy escape!

Your book purchases (and Amazon reviews) help pay for the costs of running my free website. Thank you so much for your support!

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