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Binox Puzzles are here!

I get a lot of requests for new puzzle varieties (all different kinds) but I started getting a lot of requests for one particular puzzle the past couple of years. I didn’t notice at first, because the different requesters were using different names: Binairo, Tic-tac-logic, Binoxxo, Binario, (I later discovered it is also called Takuzo, Binary Puzzle, Bineiro, Brain Snacks, Unruly, Zinero and Zernero). All names for the same curiously addictive puzzle, sometimes filled with Xs and Os, sometimes with 1s and 0s. Regardless of the symbols used, the rules are the same:

  1. Fill the puzzle with two symbols (like Xs and Os).
  2. Horizontally and vertically, there can be no more than 2 of the same symbol touching.
  3. There are an equal number of Xs and Os in each row and column.
  4. Each row must be unique. Each column must be unique.

Today I am introducing this fun simple puzzle to my collection. I am calling my version Binox — none of the other names seems to be used by more than one publisher, and who am I to break tradition? My version is available in 5 sizes ranging 6×6 to 14×14. I offer four different difficulty levels (Easy, Novice, Challenging and Toughest).

You’ll find both printable Binox puzzles and interactive Binox puzzles here at Krazydad. The interactive puzzles are available in both the X/O format and the 1/0 format (use the gear-icon to change it). For the moment, I’m offering the print puzzles only in X/O, however, if this omission is keeping you up at night, let me know, and I’ll add a duplicate set with 1s and 0s.


Enjoy the puzzles!

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