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Krazydad books are coming!

Suguru Book CoverHey folks, I’m currently working on a series of puzzle books which will be available on CreateSpace and Amazon, starting sometime in March, 2017. [ UPDATE: They’re available! ]

I’m starting with a Suguru collection. Each Suguru book contains 300 puzzles and is priced at $9. The puzzles in the books are all new, and do not appear on the website. Learning how to self-publish has been (and will continue to be) an interesting journey. I had a lot of fun figuring out how to make a book cover that uses the Droste effect.

After Suguru I’ll be working on books of Kakuro, Krypto Kakuro, Killer Sudoku and more. If there’s a particular puzzle variety you’d really like to see in book form, let me know!

I’d love to include a variety of short testimonials from actual Krazydad visitors, like yourself, on the back cover. If you’d like to submit a short testimonial, drop me an email with the subject line “Krazydad Testimonial”, and let me know how I should credit you (e.g. “Jane from Pittsburgh”). By sending the email, you are tacitly agreeing to let me publish your testimonial on one or more back covers.

Also, if you’d like to receive (very occasional) announcements by email, when I publish new books, let me know!

Thanks so much!

UPDATE: My first Kakuro books are now available on CreateSpace.

UPDATE: My first volumes of Easy and Challenging Suguru puzzles are now available on the CreateSpace store, as well as on Amazon. Enjoy!

7 Responses to “Krazydad books are coming!”

  1. K. Gustafson Says:

    I am so happy to hear you are publishing your puzzles in a book format. It has been difficult to find many books with Kakuro puzzles. They are my utmost favorite. I will definitely be putting those books in my Amazon cart.

  2. S. Allison Says:

    Look’n forward to the killer sudoku. Would love to see a samurai sudoku book too.

  3. jbum Says:

    Current plan is to do a variety Sudoku book that includes plenty of Samurai puzzles. If I see enough demand I’ll also do a standalone Samurai book.

  4. Britta Says:

    I would love the Killer Sudoku, it’s so hard to find books of these.

  5. Arnetta Says:

    Is it possible for you to make a huge book that’s bursting at the seams with sudoku, number fill crossword puzzles, word search and any other kind of puzzles you can include in the book for puzzle fanatics like me?

  6. jbum Says:

    I currently have Kakuro (which are a kind of number-fill crossword, not sure if it’s the type you are thinking of), and a Variety Sudoku book (which will include regular, killer, jigsaw, samurai) in the pipeline. Not sure I want to an enormous book, because I suspect the thicker binding won’t be ideal – it causes too much pinching and makes it tougher to solve the puzzles on the inner side of the page. I would prefer a spiral or other binding that lays flat, but haven’t found a way to produce them economically. I don’t yet offer word-search puzzles, but I may in the distant future – it’s much harder for me to mass produce quality word puzzles. Although I won’t be doing a lot of mixed puzzle books, I hope to be offering a lot of different puzzle varieties by the end of the year. If the Variety Sudoku book does well, I’ll certainly put more mixed books into the pipeline. Regards!

  7. Mike Fuellbrandt Says:

    I would definitely buy a slitherlink puzzle book (assuming shipping to Canada isn’t onerous).