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Balance Quest Puzzles

Whit McMahon, a puzzle constructor, wrote to me recently to share a new kind of puzzle he created last year called Balance Quest®.

In these numeric logic puzzles, you fill in blanks so that the sum of each box is made by adding the numbers in the adjoining half-height boxes. Note that some of these numbers are negative, and may produce negative sums. Eventually you reach the center, in which the final sum is zero, representing a kind of equilibrium — you have achieved your quest for balance.

Whit has kindly provided two sets of printable puzzles, small and large, which contain more detailed instructions, a fistful of puzzles, and their answers. Here are the two sample sets:

9 Small Balance Quest Puzzles (pdf)

6 Large Balance Quest Puzzles (pdf)

If the symmetry of Galaxy puzzles pleases you, I suspect you may also like these, even though they are quite different. If you find you like ’em, visit the Balance Quest website for more.


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