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Euclid the Game

euclidthegameFor the past several days I’ve been enjoying solving successive levels of Euclid the Game, an online set of puzzles based on Euclid’s Elements.

You are initially given the equivalent of a stick, a straight edge and a compass (tools for drawing points, lines and circles), and are asked to construct an equilateral triangle. Once you’ve solved that, you now have a new tool that draws equilateral triangles, which you use to help solve the next problem. As you solve successive problems, you build up a collection of increasingly sophisticated tools, and solve increasingly difficult problems.

I’m currently on level 20. Not sure how far this goes, but let me know if you get stuck.

2 Responses to “Euclid the Game”

  1. Mibm Says:

    Very fun. I intended to do just a couple before bed, but couldn’t stop and now it’s 1am. Level 20 is the last one, and I think by far the hardest.

  2. Dave Bechtel Says:

    I finished level 25, which is the last level, but had to google the last three levels as I saw a need to have experience I did not have with higher geometry to solve them. Let me know if you disagree.