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PD Weekend / Handmade Music 2013

PD Weekend Poster

PD Weekend is an upcoming series of events at CRASHspace in Culver City revolving around electronic music and art made using PureData, it’s commercial sibling MAX/MSP and other tools. The creator of both of the aforementioned applications, Miller Puckette will be on hand to teach a Raspberry PI + PD seminar. There will be a number of other great classes covering topics such as Live Sampling, Laptop Orchestration, and Creativity.

The events run from November 13th, through 17th, with most of the events on Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday evening there will be a lovely concert of Handmade Music, and on Sunday afternoon there will be the monthly PD Patching Circle – a great free event where you can hang out with other handmade music enthusiasts, and work on your projects.


At the Saturday evening concert, I’ll be demonstrating a new-improved version of my astronomical-music-clock Wheel of Stars (I’m tarting it up right now…).

Hope to see you there!

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