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Letters, I get letters

Dear Krazydad,
My husband just started doing KenKen and really loves it. I have a question for you as most of your Inky puzzles seem to have this symbol in them: What does the symbol / mean?


Dear Confused,

The / symbol is used to mean division (as in 12/4 = 3). It means the same thing as รท, the division sign. I used the slash because the division symbol is easily confused with a plus sign at small font sizes.


I must be dense, but I don’t understand the cheat sheet(candidate cage set)for the Killer Sudoku puzzles. Why are some
numbers in red? What do the exclamation points mean? Please advise!

Dora the Killer

Dear Dora,

The red ones with explanation points mean “all numbers except these ones”. I should fix those, as this is the second letter asking for clarity. :)

I am having trouble getting to your puzzles to print. Every time i try I get a message that Internet Explorer has stopped working. Any comments or suggestions?

Dear Printless,

It sounds like the Adobe Reader plug-in, which IE uses to view and print PDF files, has stopped working.

I recommend that you reinstall Adobe reader. You can get a new copy on Adobe’s website (link).

If you can’t get Adobe Reader to stop crashing your browser, a workaround is to download the puzzles to your desktop, and view/print them there. To download a puzzle, right-click the link (likely the same link that is crashing your browser) and select Save-As from the menu that appears. Double-click on the PDF file that you’ve downloaded and print it when it opens.

Good luck, and let me know if you run into more trouble.

Hi Jim,

I wanted to contribute my praise and thanks for your site.

I work as the librarian in a maximum security federal prison in Canada, and there are many offenders here who have received printed out puzzles since I found your site. They are unable to pay for things like this, so finding Krazydad has been a Godsend.

There are several ways this helps here. First of all, decreasing idleness is an important contributing factor to prison security. I often provide them especially to men who are in segregation and may not have regular access to other humans, books, or television. If they are occupied, they can put in time without causing needless disruptions.
Secondly, for our older offenders, keeping the mind active (thereby contributing to overall health) can be very challenging in this setting, and puzzles help out a lot.

So thanks again, especially for providing your service free of charge to those who can’t pay, and keep up the good work!

Shh the Librarian

Dear Shh,

Wow, what a nice letter! I’ve gotten a few letters from spouses of inmates, but this is the first from someone working on the inside. I wish there was a way I could get more puzzles out to inmates in a more organized way. If you have any ideas, let me know.

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