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Fractal Music Box

I made four of these laser cut music boxes as christmas gifts to my family. The pattern was generated with a Processing script, which I wrote. The lid contains an inlaid Hilbert space-filling curve. On each of the sides is a colorful J, representing each of my four family members (our names all begin with that letter).

The design for the box was generated with a Processing sketch that I wrote. You can get a copy of the sketch, as well as the plans for the box at Thingiverse.

2 Responses to “Fractal Music Box”

  1. Guigui Says:

    I had no problem with my family until now I want to be part of your krazy one. 8^)

  2. jbum Says:

    For what it’s worth, this is the first year I made something cool and handmade for the kids. In previous years, I bought video games and CDs, like everyone else. The big difference this year is access to CrashSpace (a Hacker Space in Culver City) which has a laser cutter, and lots of people making interesting stuff for inspiration.