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Astro Cantus – another Wheel of Stars

Th new mobile app Astro Cantus plays the stars like a music-box, much like my own 2009 piece, Wheel of Stars. There are a few differences, however (I don’t doubt that it was conceived independently). Astro Cantus classifies the stars into 7 discrete pitch classes (based on spectral type), which gives the music a more tonal structure. I mapped temperature to a wider range of pitches, using the 12-tone chromatic scale which gives my wheel a more atonal sound. I also did stereo mapping based on the position of the stars when they hit the line.

All in all, the pieces are remarkably similar in conception. It wouldn’t surprise me if other composers have had the same idea, although implementing this kind of piece before the advent of computers would have been a massive chore. Now, the only chore is listening to the thing! :)

One Response to “Astro Cantus – another Wheel of Stars”

  1. Paul Says:

    Now for the interactive player, where you point at a star (with iPad and its accelerometers) and it plays it!