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Interactive Sudoku Beta

I’m currently working on an interactive Sudoku page (to be followed by other puzzles as well). If you’d like to play with a very early “beta” version of it, you’ll find it here.

The page is designed to work in modern web browsers (Safari, Chrome, Firefox 4+, IE 9+), and also works on iPads. A few notes:

1) The page will break horribly on old versions of Internet Explorer (Version 8 or before). I haven’t gotten around to adding a friendly warning message.

2) If you want to mark cells, use the shift key (e.g. Shift-5). Use space or backspace or 0 to clear cell contents.

If you have any feedback, drop me a note in the comments of this post. If you find you greatly prefer this to printing out your puzzles, I’d love to hear it. If you think it’s OK, but is missing a very important feature, I’d love to hear that too!

Thanks for being my guinea pig :)

6 Responses to “Interactive Sudoku Beta”

  1. Erik Kastner Says:

    Wow, this is awesome, and couldn’t come at a better time! I was doing one of your puzzles (the first in your series about helping with solutions), and I was bummed out about not being able to mark. And I don’t like printing anything… ever if I can avoid it ;)

    VERY VERY smooth, great interaction… awesome, awesome job!

  2. Chris Nielsen Says:

    This is excellent, thank you! I love that keyboard navigation is fully supported. Thanks for your work on this!

  3. Rui Correia Says:

    Hi there.
    Great work, Jim Bumgardner. :D
    Love the online puzzle.
    It’s the only one I found that I can fully control without needing a mouse.
    Too bad in Linux I cannot mark certain cells. :(
    Just so you know, Shift+1, Shift+3, Shift+4 and Shift+5 all work properly.
    But then Shift+2, Shift+7 and Shift+9 don’t mark any numbers.
    To make things a bit more complicated, Shift+6 marks a 7 instead of a 6, Shift+8 marks a 9 instead of an 8, Shift+9 clears all numbers marked instead of marking a 9, Shift+0 does not clear all marks (doesn’t do anything at all) and Shift+* (yea, asterisk, go figure) marks an 8.
    I tried this in Puppy Linux (ubuntu based) and SLAX (Slackware based) with Firefox’s and Chrome’s latest releases with keyboard mapping set to pt-PT (Portuguese).
    Can you please check this with any friend of yours that happen to use Linux?
    TIA :)

  4. Rui Correia Says:

    Hi Jim.
    I’m sorry but I forgot to check your online Sudoku with a regular en_US keyboard mapping.
    In fact, using a US keyboard mapping I can use all cell markers without a single glitch.
    My issue has to do with keyboard mappings in Linux.
    Do you have any Linux savvy friend that could help me (us ;) )?

  5. jbum Says:


    Coincidentally, I recently installed Ubuntu on a laptop. I’ll see if I can work out an alternate keyboard marking system that works on the Portuguese keyboard. Give me a few days…

  6. Rui Correia Says:

    Hi Jim.
    Just to let you know what character I get when I press Shift+1, Shift+2, etc.
    Shift+1=’ ! ‘
    Shift+2=’ ” ‘
    Shift+3=’ # ‘
    Shift+4=’ $ ‘
    Shift+5=’ % ‘
    Shift+6=’ & ‘
    Shift+7=’ / ‘
    Shift+8=’ ( ‘
    Shift+9=’ ) ‘
    Shift+0=’ = ‘