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While waiting around at the local Michael’s, I picked up a 3 dollar copy of the Great Illustrated Classics version of The Time machine by H.G. Wells. I was surprised to open it to an illustration depicting a character from a cheaply made 1950s Sci Fi film — most certainly not a character from Wells’ original novel!

Apparently the publisher asked the adapter, Shirley Bogart, to jazz up the ending. In the chapter “The Golden Age of Science,” our hero transports himself 300 years into his future (approximately the year 2195) and encounters some characters from an Ed Wood movie.

The time traveler is squirted with “Apathy-Gas” and interrogated, before making his escape. The book has a copyright date of 2009, but appears to have been written and illustrated in the early 70s.

You can save 3 bucks, and read most of it on Google.

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