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Incremental Drift on the Riemann Sphere

A Whitney Music Box mathematical mash-up from Daniel Piker. He describes it as follows:

“Take 1 large ‘Whitney Music Box’ and whisk together with ‘Mobius transformations revealed’. Add a sprinkle of ‘Indras Pearls’, the juice of a fresh Riemann Sphere, and stereographically project at 200C until crispy…”


One Response to “Incremental Drift on the Riemann Sphere”

  1. David Swart Says:

    Awesome! I had come across Daniel Piker’s stuff when I was looking into packing and conformal maps earlier this fall. I don’t even recall making the connection between this and your music box at the time (I must have been short on sleep).

    But I’m wondering if your post here and my recent flickr post from earlier today are a coincidences.