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Make your own mosaics

I recently built an experimental Interactive Mosaic Maker on my Coverpop website. It allows you to build Coverpop mosaics, standard photo mosaics, and composite images from Flickr photos. Prolific Flickrer Leo Reynolds has been playing with it and produced some nice work, including this mosaic of cemetery symbols!

You can see the latest creations made with my tool here:

And you can make your own creations here:

If you make something cool, share it with other Flickr users in the Coverpop Flickr group:


Here’s an interesting composite image of the Eiffel Tower made by Erik Wennstrom.

You can also make composite images like these with the mosaic maker.

3 Responses to “Make your own mosaics”

  1. Erik Wennstrom Says:

    Ha! Didn’t expect to make the blog with that. It was literally the first thing that came to mind. I’m impressed that I got anything at all with just a search phrase (as opposed to a group that enforces strict rules about the positioning of the subject). I wonder if there are any other good search phrases that turn up something vaguely recognizable.

    Hm…you might even be able to play a game by posting the composite image and making people guess what the search phrase was. I don’t know if there are enough searches like this to make it worth playing, but it might be worth a shot. I’ll think about it.

    Thanks for the tool. It’s a lot of fun to play around with. The only recommendation I would make would be to allow people to scrap a computed image. The way it is, the shared page gets crowded with failed experiments.

    Also, I figure this is as good a place as any to say thanks for the whole blog. It’s probably the most eclectic site I read where I’m genuinely interested in just about every topic that comes up. I came for the jigoku, krypto kakuro, and the slitherlink variants, but I found that I liked everything else too.

  2. Ryan Davenport Says:

    Note that Corinne Vionnet, a Swiss artist, has a series of works similar to your composite images. She uses common views found on the internet of famous landmarks as the sources for them.

  3. Kiri Jones Says:

    I’m a girl who likes to do thing like arts and crafts so when I saw your website I was like yeah that look’s fun to do so I did it with my family on family game night my family loved doing it so we did it again and again so we’ve made lots and lots of mosaics. Then me and my nice (Beth) were like or lets make one thats really big so we started doing it took 5 weeks to do it and then we had one big picture of Menorca in Spain (were going there on the 26th of August).