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Crooked Waltz

A few people recently asked for sheet music to my piano piece Crooked Waltz, which you can hear on my out-of-tune piano in a living room recording here. In this piece the time signature changes all over the place, but when played properly, the changes aren’t too noticeable.

Here’s a rough sketch of the piece, in sheet music form. As usual, I have omitted all dynamics, slurs, arpeggios and ornaments, because I’m lazy. I would much rather play music than transcribe it. Also, when I perform any of my piano pieces, my hands tend to wander, so it’s difficult to write down a single “correct” version.

So with all those caveats in mind, here are the essential bones of the Crooked Waltz.

One Response to “Crooked Waltz”

  1. Tyler Matson Says:

    Thank you so much Jim! This is such a good piece of piano music, I’m going to start it as soon as I go on winter break. By the way, that recording isn’t bad! I’ll see if I can fill in those sweet ornaments myself ;P