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Cranks, Cams & Computers Tonight

Bow Front Violano Virtuoso by Mills Novelty Co

I just finished setting up my installation piece for tonight’s concert in Eagle Rock. It should make for some crazy cacophony, in a room full of creative contraptions.

I can tell from last night’s sound check that my two pieces are definitely on the hi-tech end of a spectrum that ranges from gloriously low tech (wooden cams push down the keys on a pair of old harmoniums) and ingeniously hands on (some really interesting circuit bending devices) to abstract and cerebral (my own Whitney Music Boxes).

There is also going to be some brilliant virtuoso musicianship on display as well, with performances by the Newtown house band.

The concert will end with a performance by the San Francisco Crank Ensemble, a group of musicians who play handcrafted sound sculptures which are operated by cranks.

The room will open at 6pm (with a set of installation pieces) and the formal concert begins at 8pm.

Hope to see you there!

Note that the address has changed from the originally announced location. It’s about 5 blocks south of Swork near Eagle Rock Blvd.

GLAD (Greater L.A. Agency on Deafness)
2222 Laverna Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90041

(link to map)

Full details here.


Video of the performance can be viewed here.

2 Responses to “Cranks, Cams & Computers Tonight”

  1. ian c rogers Says:

    How was it? Video?

  2. jbum Says:

    Video is forthcoming… :)