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Mirror Morphs

I found this old video of mine while looking at some old backup CDs. Back in the early 90s, while playing with Gryphon Software’s “Morph” software, I accidentally stumbled upon a technique for making a still photograph or painting look like a hologram. The basic idea is that you make a mirror image of the photo, by flopping it horizontally in Photoshop. Then you morph from the original to the mirror image, using still-image morphing software, matching the left-eye to the flopped right-eye (which now looks like a left-eye), and so-on. The result is that the image in the photo looks like it is turning it’s head slightly, as you can see. There’s a point in the middle of the sequence where the face is completely symmetrical. One of my earliest tests of this method was done with an image of the Mona Lisa. It also works nicely with the portraits on currency.

3 Responses to “Mirror Morphs”

  1. Guigui Says:

    This idea is krazy! I love you! 8^)

  2. joe Says:

    That is so cool! this reminds me of the pictures from harry potter..

  3. finefin Says:

    very nice effect! thank you!