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Today, I accidentally discovered the game of Facebook-whacking (remember Googlewhacks?), in which you find various search phrases for which your friends are the number one result, when you search on Facebook.

You can accomplish this by stringing out-of-context words from the “Info” section of someone’s facebook profile. The more TV shows, bands, and movies they have listed, the easier it is.

Some of my friends can be found on Facebook by searching for:

muppet ninja
adore massive sex
pelican f***ing
psycho playboy
grimy men
tasty manure
ugly shakespeare
impossible jewish artist
love fresh boy

and many, many more! Some are more descriptive of the actual person than others…

Try it! What can *you* come up with?

2 Responses to “Facebook-whacking”

  1. Ryan Govostes Says:

    Sorry Jim — Facebook searching is a complicated beast, and is highly relative to the person doing the searching. It prioritizes people in the same networks as you, and after the first page or so, result sets seem to be generated on the fly. It doesn’t even bother estimating how many pages of results you get.

  2. shave Says:

    “Metaphysical Cosmologist” is my fave.