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Dark Side of the Whip

It suddenly occured to me as I was driving to work yesterday that the songs “Crack that Whip” by Devo, and “Breathe” by Pink Floyd are oddly similar (did I mention it’s a loooong drive?)… So I downloaded the demo version of Ableton Live last night and came up with this mashup at 2 in the morning. I was pleased to discover that the two songs are already in the same key, and the tempi are closer than you’d think!

Dark Side of the Whip

(by the way, I’m using Yahoo’s very handy media player (aka “Goose”) to embed this audio. My friends at Y! Music, Santa Monica, worked on it, and it is a beautiful work of engineering!

2 Responses to “Dark Side of the Whip”

  1. goodchefgonemad Says:

    What the Hell were you thinking? I’m all for creating something new from something old, however combining Pink Floyd with Devo is an idiot’s idea to meld the great Pink with a one hit wonder, just shows a lack of music appreciation. Oh and by the way, your mash-up sounds like is as smooth as lumpy mashed potatoes. Do something else with you free time, like jogging on the freeway.

  2. JoeCthulhu Says:

    I enjoyed this, and take offense at DEVO being described as a “one hit wonder.” DEVO is a very important proto-punk, and pioneering new wave band.

    I agree the mash up could use some polish, but considering at first thought I didn’t know were krazydad was coming from, after listening to it I though, “this is pretty cool.”