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Ear Burning with Power Tools

My ears burn when I see boldface type.

You’ve probably googled yourself before. Being a huge egomaniac with access to power tools, I’ve turned googling yourself into a colossal waste of bandwidth. Pathetic, really… but perhaps you’d like to wallow in your own navel as well?

I use various services to monitor for mentions of my name on blogs, discussion boards and twitter. These services can perform searches on keywords and return the results as an RSS feed.

I’ve collected together a number of these egocentric RSS feeds into my favorite RSS reader, (Vienna), which polls each one every 30 minutes. My ears burn when I see those particular feeds go boldface, indicating that someone is talking about me.

Here are some sites which offer RSS search services for egomanics:

Found some other good egocentric RSS searches? Let me know and I’ll add ’em to the list.

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