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Happy belated PI day…

This is my attempt to make some eye candy roughly in the style of James Whitney’s wonderful 1966 movie, Lapis, which can occasionally be spotted on Youtube. If you’re interested in making stuff like this, just remember, it all starts with π.

If you’re a mathophobe, and even the barest mention of π sends you running for the hills, I offer some hope: I too, was once a mathophobe. Your problem lies not with you, nor with math, but with the way you were taught math. The best way to learn math, in my opinion, is to try to make pretty pictures with the help of a computer. At least, that’s what worked for me. Try it!

Update: I modified the movie to use a technique that is closer to Lapis – using a fixed random dot painting as the underlying element.

One Response to “Happy belated PI day…”

  1. emayoh Says:

    Pi then phi… something brilliant in there. Love this! Nice work.