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Want more Penrose puzzles?

Here ya go. More Slitherlink puzzles using the quasi-periodic 5-fold tiling by Sir Roger Penrose.

I’ve also added some new Slitherlink puzzles that use Laves tiling (named after Crystallographer Fritz Laves), which are my most challenging Slitherlinks yet.


2 Responses to “Want more Penrose puzzles?”

  1. Gemini6Ice Says:

    New tiling? DELICIOUS!

    Now, can you find some way to hybridize slitherlink with another puzzle type?

  2. Says:

    Thank you for all these great slitherlink puzzles! I am completely addicted! I do about 12 a day now.

    To Gemini6Ice’s request, here’s an idea for a variation on a slitherlink: Do not allow “sharp” turns in the closed path i.e., no turns greater than 90 degrees.

    This restriction will give extra “information” to the solver, and it might mean that there will be fewer numbers needed in the puzzle, however, since the path won’t bend so sharply, there won’t be any 3’s…which, along with 0’s, give great places to start solving.

    BTW, I don’t think I came up with this variant. I seem to recall seeing such a puzzle (on hexagons perhaps) years ago, though I can’t remember where.