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Mini Kaleids – Krazydad Style

There’s a group over on Flickr called Mini Kaleids – Krazydad Style that collects images produced with one of my kaleidoscope toys (found on this very website).

The pool is up to 700 images, so I thought now would be a good time to build a Coverpop mosaic of all that eye candy. Here it is.

Ooh! Pretty!

Here’s a high-res version, suitable for printing, should you wish to make a poster or gift wrap or something…

2 Responses to “Mini Kaleids – Krazydad Style”

  1. rgovostes Says:

    Looks like a birds-eye view of a whole lot of umbrellas. Now that’d be a fun business: custom kaleidoscope umbrellas!

  2. gurdonark Says:

    I write to thank you for the kaleidoscope tool. I have been making a lot of mandalas and spiros and geometric shapes in Logo lately, and your
    device really gives me new options to morph into interesting shapes for my flickr Logo collection. Thanks very much!

    I see we share an interest in electronic music as well. I get energized when I see folks like you doing so much good through free devices and applications. Happy New Year, and thank you!

    Robert Nunnally
    who records as gurdonark