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Flickr: Faces in Places

Group Mosaic: Faces in Places

I was alerted to this group via Laughing Squid.

Faces in Places is an awesome flickr group that collects photosgraphs of those serendipitous faces that pop out at you from the world of inanimate objects.

I made a mosaic of all the images in the group, shown above. You can play with the interactive version over at my coverpop website.

While you’re there, you might enjoy the mosaics of Stick Figures in Peril and Spirals, among others.

3 Responses to “Flickr: Faces in Places”

  1. lars aka peacetiles Says:

    hi jim – i love the whole popup thing – would you consider sharing how you do it for a good cause/project: the global peace tiles project? i’ve been trying to figure out a way to compose childrens’ peace tiles ( into mosaics… cheers,


  2. jbum Says:

    Hi Lars,

    I have a page which describes my techniques here:

    Also, some of my methods, such as using Perl/ImageMagick to sample photos, are described (with sample code) in the book I cowrote: “Flickr Hacks”.

    If you can tag images of peace tiles with a unique tag (in other words, if there is a systematic way I can retrieve them from Flickr), I’d be happy to produce a mosaic for you.

  3. sophomore Says:

    it seems too slow to download this whole picture….i don’t know why….