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The Daily Word

A few recent excerpts from “The Daily Word,” a feature which I’ve been publishing the past few weeks (in the module of the same name). Most of these were written by Mike Davis, who has an innate talent for lexicognition..


n. 1. An idea or scenario which only makes sense when viewed through the prism of Star Trek II.


n. 1. An attractive birch veneer and particle board coffee table available at IKEA.


n. 1. The reproductive process of flowers.


n. 1. A device which transmutes a substance into currency, such as a magic wand, or ink jet printer.
2. A device which transmutes good feelings into currency, such as a donate button.


n. 1. An electro-mechanical arcade game in which children smite burrowing woodland creatures with a mallet.


n. 1. A container which holds a greater or lesser amount than it appears, such as an expensive shampoo bottle, or a clown car.

‘The Daily Word’ © 2007, All content is the property of the respective owners. Very few of the words on the ‘The Daily Word’ are actually recommended for daily use. Not appropriate for use on the internets. Use at your own risk.

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