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My Upcoming Flash Classes

I’m teaching two summer classes at Art Center, in Pasadena.

For professionals with some Flash experience, my night class “Interactive Toys: Advanced Toys” (7 weeks, starting Thursday May 17th) offers a chance to learn Actionscript, and make a variety of software toys, interactive widgets and games. Visit the Art Center at Night website for more details (the course is also offered to full time Art Center students).

For high school kids, my weekend class, “Videogame Design” (10 weeks, starting Saturday June 9th) is an introduction to making classic arcade-style games using Flash and Actionscript. Although I can’t teach you to make “Grand Theft Auto” in 10 weeks, I can definitely help you make games like “Space Invaders”, “Frogger” and “Pong”. It’s a great introduction to programming and a lot of fun. See the Art Center Saturday High website for more details.

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